A Technical Review of Powell Manager for IT, HR, and SharePoint Admin Management

by Esther Daga


Powell Manager is our back-end governance and implementation engine that helps design and manage digital workplace projects over time, in a fast and cost-effective way for IT, HR, and SharePoint Admin Management.

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Across organizations, the development and ongoing management (updates) of any SharePoint-based portal can come with challenges of time, resource availability and technical know-how to enable the rapid changes that come with business demands. As companies become stretched for time and aim to optimize the utilization of their technical and functional resources, Powell Manager has been developed as a solution to address these time and resource constraints.

Powell Manager is a provisioning platform specifically developed to allow the easy design, deployment and management of site templates and features to your Office 365 SharePoint Online and Microsoft Teams applications. The tool allows you to create and manage your templates, themes and navigations across all (or target) sites with a few simple clicks. Furthermore, it offers Powell 365 features, functionalities and pre-built templates that provide no code, custom branded intranet portals to organizations. Product developers can further customize their solution by leveraging the SPFx extensions and development tools available.

Through tested and proven implementations with clients, Powell Manager has demonstrated its value in being able to streamline and industrialize the management of any SharePoint based portal. As an example, when compared to using SharePoint Out of the Box or Dev PnP schemas, Powell Manager enables the reduction of workloads and time to delivery by a factor of 2 to 10 across the whole lifecycle of a portal project (build and run phases) .

This type of efficiency saving is why more companies are leveraging the capabilities of Powell Manager as an integral part of their management tool portfolio. Additionally, because Powell Manager allows all levels of IT staff to quickly build and deploy ‘no code’ solutions to their O365 tenant, site governance can be conducted in a simplified and organized way. This removes discrepancies in configuration and coding standards across the organization and allows for easier technical repair and remediation if needed.

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To highlight how easy Powell Manager can be implemented within your organization, below are the three main capabilities of the tool:


Powell Manager requires no code in enabling the customization of templates. Rather, it allows the user to intuitively build desired templates through a user-friendly interface where they can choose from multiple pre-built templates and Powell 365 features. Where necessary, further customization of templates can be made possible with custom code.



Simplify content management


Deployment of templates has never been easier with Powell Manager. The Tenant Administrator can start the provisioning process with a few simple clicks. This is done via the intuitive user interface by applying the new templates to target sites. The Tenant Administrator also has the ability to deploy the site templates either as a site design in the Office 365 tenant for site provisioning or via Powell Manager site collection provisioning.




Successful portal solutions are updated regularly to match the organization’s business needs. The functionality of Powell Manager extends far beyond merely designing and deploying the first phase of a portal solution specially designed for IT, HR, and SharePoint Admin Management. Our tool allows for easy iterations and improvements to be made to your intranet sites through the easy modification and syncing of templates across multiple sites. As a result, valuable time and critical resources are saved by a factor of 2 to 10


In this whitepaper document, we will explore these three main Powell Manager scenarios:

– Scenario 1: Portals based on SharePoint Out of the Box
– Scenario 2: Portals based on SharePoint Out of the Box with custom development components
– Scenario 3: Portals based on SharePoint Out of the Box with custom development components and with Powell 365 features.


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Powell Manager – Technical Review

Powell Manager

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