A Day in the Life: Powell 365 Retail Intranet User Experience

by Esther Daga

When a company is in the process of building a retail intranet, priority number one must be employees. Often our prospective clients ask the Powell 365 team, “how will our staff interact with this new tool?”


Retail Intranet User Experience

Powell 365 is such a versatile intranet that there is more than one way to answer this question. Our intranet solutions help businesses increase productivity and streamline business processes from anywhere, on any device. The easiest way to explain how the Powell 365 collaborative intranet keeps employees engaged, motivated and informed is to give you a peek into a day in the life of a Powell 365 portal user.


Meet Max

Meet Max! Max works in the retail industry. He is a store manager of a well known clothing brand in the United States. Max’s day starts at 7:30 am and he usually leaves his store branch by 6pm. Watch Max’s day unfold as he holds appointments, analyzes the day’s sales, instant messages with coworkers, reads the company news and more! From the moment he connects to the Powell 365 retail intranet, Max has a synthetic view of store turnover and the day’s objectives. By always being connected to the company digital workplace, Max can do his job in the most effienct way possible. At the end of the day, Max feels more engaged, more motivated and more informed!


Powell 365

Powell 365 for Retail accelerates the usage of your Office 365 investment while significantly reducing implementation time and costs of the Office 365 collaborative suite. This collaborative solution brings all the best Microsoft tools together in pre-defined dedicated spaces making daily operations easier for management and store branches.The Office 365 corporate intranet helps users, like Max, better meet customers’ needs. Today, we have over 250,000 users! Improve communication and collaboration within your team today with a fully customizable intranet solution. For more information on how Powell 365 can help grow your business, get in touch for a demo today!

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