Need an escape from the daily email overload?

by Esther Daga

Get an office intranet like Powell 365

Coming into work on a Monday morning, there is the dreadful email overload every employee must sift through. Email has become one of the most precedent methods of communication available. At the same time, it can be a main source of frustration and stress in the workplace. The sheer number of emails sent and received on a daily basis is overwhelming and kills productivity. On average, a person can spend up to 28% of their work week reading and answering emails. However, wasted time isn’t the only problem associated with email.


Inbox Overload

The popularity of this method of communication has caused the email inbox to become a black hole where information can get lost. Employees receive on average a total of 122 emails per day, making findability even more challenging and causing employees to miss important messages. Companies need an alternative to lighten up the email burden. A great way to help employees ease inbox strain is to introduce an office intranet, like Powell 365.


Centralize Information

An office intranet serves several different purposes for any enterprise. A company intranet brings all corporate communications and content into one place. Having the ability to hold an immense amount of information, to share documents, and even to create content, allows this kind of solution to streamline the company workflow into one well organized digital environment. Employees will forget long form emailing, and exchange information on the corporate intranet.


Alternative Channels

Videos, images, stories, relevant links and news can be shared with the entire company on the Powell 365 intranet dashboard and in turn take up less space in employees’ email inboxes. By creating these alternative channels within an office intranet, data retrieval is easier. An intranet introduces a self-service approach. Employees can often find the answer themselves without the trouble of writing an email. Locating information is a breeze and you avoid wasting any time. In turn the number of unwanted emails are reduced.


An Office Intranet

Still, daily communication is constant within the business sector. Whether it is with one person or an entire team, online collaboration and interaction needs to be efficient. A company intranet creates a communal space that actually promotes collaboration, unlike email. Employees can bounce ideas off each other with a chat like sense. As all conversations are saved and organized automatically, having to send an email in search of the latest version of a document is something of the past. Everything you need is there, in the intranet.

Reducing the number of unwanted emails is just one way an intranet can improve your business. Make your employees happier by making their working day better thanks to Powell 365.


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