[On-Demand Webinar] Why do Microsoft 365 Admins Need To Worry about Governance and Life Cycle Management of Teams and M365 Workspaces?

by Emily Houssier

Microsoft 365 is a powerful tool for collaboration and productivity. Still, it also requires proper governance and life cycle management to ensure that workspaces are used effectively and securely. Gartner’s recent study, “Assessing Workplaces Governance and Life Cycle Controls in Microsoft 365”, highlights the importance of this topic and the challenges that organizations face when trying to implement it.

Learn not to worry about Governance and Life Cycle Management of Teams and M365

One of the main challenges with Microsoft’s workspace is sprawl. As organizations adopt M365, different types of workspaces are created and used for different purposes, such as teams for specific projects or departments, SharePoint sites for document management, and OneNote notebooks for meeting notes. However, without proper governance, these workspaces can quickly become duplicated and redundant, resulting in a cluttered and disorganized environment. Not only does this make it difficult to find and access the information you need, but it also increases the risk of data breaches and compliance violations.

Another challenge is the limited native governance and life cycle management controls in Microsoft Teams. While Azure AD Premium does provide some features for managing workspaces, such as the ability to set up guest access and conditional access policies, it does not have robust controls for managing the entire lifecycle of a workspace, from creation to deletion. This means that organizations often have to rely on custom development or third-party solutions to extend these capabilities, adding cost and complexity to the process.

In this webinar, Max Goss, Director Analyst at Gartner, and Matthieu Silbermann, Chief Product Officer at Powell Software, will help you get the most out of your Microsoft Teams governance and life cycle management.


On the agenda

  • The importance of Teams Governance and the consequences of not properly handling it
  • The necessary controls and Microsoft’s native capabilities, as well as the complexity of using Graph API and Power Shell
  • Powell Teams: A tool aligned with Gartner’s recommendations for Governance & Life Cycle Management
  • The Future of Teams: Predictions for key governance challenges in 2023


Meet the speakers

Max Goss, GartnerMax Goss is a Research Director in the Gartner for Technical Professionals Content, Collaboration and End User research team. Mr. Goss specializes in Microsoft cloud technologies such as SharePoint Online, Teams and OneDrive and associated Microsoft 365 technologies. The topics he currently focuses on include Microsoft 365 governance and compliance, records management, collaboration tools, organizational structure and implementation and adoption. Mr. Goss is currently focusing on information governance and records management, assessing the capabilities available in Microsoft 365 and offering best practice advice on how an organization should implement them.



Matthieu Silbermann is the Chief Product Officer of Powell Software, and leads two key teams. Firstly, the team of technical product managers working with R&D to develop new functionalities and the Marketing Product Managers who articulate the value proposition to customers. Matthieu has spent over 10 years in Product Marketing and nearly two decades working on Digital Workplace & Telecommunications projects for end customers such as Air Liquide or Consulting companies such as Devoteam. Before joining Powell Software, Matthieu worked for Microsoft France where he managed the M365 Enterprise Product Marketing team.


How can I watch the webinar?

We’ve made this an on-demand webinar so you can watch it at a time that suits you. Just fill out the form on this page and get instant access to the recording. It’s that easy.


Replay - Why Microsoft 365 Admins need to Worry About Governance and Lifecycle Management

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