[Webinar] Maximize SharePoint & Viva Connections: How to Build a Successful Intranet

by Yvonne Harris

In today’s digital age, it’s essential for companies to have an effective and engaging intranet. An intranet is a private network used by organizations to communicate and collaborate within the company. Microsoft’s SharePoint and Viva Connections are popular intranet solutions, but they come with certain limitations. To overcome these limitations and create an intranet that meets the needs of hybrid workers, Powell Software and ClearBox Consulting have teamed up to present an on-demand webinar titled “Maximize SharePoint & Viva Connections: How to Build a Successful Intranet”.

 What will you learn about creating an intranet that makes the most of SharePoint & Viva Connections? 

Watch the webinar to get insights into the challenges organizations face when creating an intranet and learn how to design one that goes beyond the constraints of SharePoint. Industry expert Wedge Black, Comms & Intranet Consultant at ClearBox Consulting, will share his knowledge and expertise on intranet best practices.  

EN - Webinar : ClearBox Maximize SharePoint & Viva B

Who are the speakers? 

This webinar is hosted by Tamar Asatiani, Product Marketing Manager at Powell Software, and features special guest Wedge Black, Comms & Intranet Consultant at ClearBox.  

With over 20 years of experience, Wedge Black is a recognized industry expert on intranets and digital workplaces. As a content tactician, he specialises in writing to meet reader needs and expectations, with a focus on intranet reference pages and internal communications. He has published several books and reports on intranets, including the annual “Digital Workplace & Intranet Global Survey”. Wedge is a prolific writer, and has also presented across northern Europe; he’s judged the Digital Impact Awards and is the creator of Intranet Now, the independent intranet and comms conference in the UK. 

About Powell Software 

Powell Software offers an intranet solution that leverages the full Microsoft 365 platform and creates an engaging, collaborative intranet aligned with your corporate branding. Our intranet solution is customizable and secure, encouraging the adoption of Teams, Yammer, and the Office 365 suite by integrating them into the digital workplace. 

About ClearBox Consulting 

ClearBox Consulting provides independent advice, research, and consultancy on intranets and digital workplaces. They help make the workplace a better and more productive experience with a deep understanding of technology combined with a people-first approach. 

Why watch this webinar? 

The on-demand webinar is an excellent opportunity for organizations to learn from industry experts about how to take their intranet to the next level. By creating a successful intranet, organizations can improve their internal communications, drive employee engagement, and enhance their corporate culture. The webinar is available to watch anytime, anywhere; download it here. 

The 30-minute webinar aims to help organizations discover the main gaps of SharePoint & Viva Connections, learn how to go beyond a communication portal, and listen to the intranet trends that customers can expect in 2023. 

EN - Webinar : ClearBox Maximize SharePoint & Viva B

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