SharePoint Virtual Summit Announcements and the Powell 365 Roadmap

by Esther Daga

On May 16th, 2017, during the SharePoint Virtual Summit, Jeff Teper, Corporate Vice President of Office, OneDrive & SharePoint at Microsoft, announced a set of new features that will soon be available on SharePoint for the modern experience.
The new modern experience features include:

  • A customizable site header for site chartering
  • Page zoning management to regulate multiple columns in pages
  • Custom action lists
  • New SPFx web parts
  • Communication between web parts
  • A new site template called “Communication site”
  • Better integration of the modern experience within the SharePoint Online app

If you could not attend the SharePoint Virtual Summit, check out these helpful videos:

An overview of SharePoint communication sites
An overview of the new “team site” functionalities
An overview of the SharePoint Framework updates

This announcement is the beginning of a new era for SharePoint Online and Office 365. With the opening of customization, the modern experience is sexier, funnier and faster.


The Powell 365 Roadmap

Powell Software is proud to announce that Powell Manager and Powell 365 support these new features. They will become available for our clients and partners once these features are released on SharePoint Online and become globally available.

As Powell Software provides an evergreen solution, we are constantly staying up to date with the latest Microsoft evolutions. Last year, we presented the upgraded Modern Team site templates and the new SharePoint framework. This year, we will also focus on making all our web part components available in SPFx and move away from the old development model that is currently available.

All our partners and customers will benefit from the modern experience and all the features currently available on the publishing site. They will also have access to functions normally only available in publishing, such as:

  • Multilingual management (variation)
  • Advanced Global Research Center
  • Transverse and dynamic navigation between collections sites

Taking advantage of this release, the Powell Software roadmap also integrates Microsoft Teams and Microsoft Stream into Powell Manager and in turn supports these bricks in Powell 365. Once these applications become available in their respective APIs, they will be connected to Powell 365 and accessible to our customers and partner.

Powell Software only has one goal: to provide the best user experience on SharePoint Online and across all Office 365 bricks, in accordance with Microsoft best practices.

If you would like see how Powell 365 integrates Office 365 into a digital workplace, contact us today for a free demo!

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