The Office 365 Intranet for Retail

by Esther Daga

 Powell 365 collaborative platform

Antoine Faisandier, CEO of Powell Software USA, was interviewed in the Microsoft Studio to talk about the new verticalization of the Powell 365 solution, an Office 365 intranet for retail.

See how the Office 365 intranet for retail can help you increase collaboration, communication and productivity within your retail branches.

Discover  how the Powell 365 intranet changes communication for businesses in the retail sector:

  • How can a store associate be informed about a new promo, a new marketing campaign?
  • How can this same store associate check in his or her time sheet?
  • How can a regional area manager communicate easily with all their store managers in a cohesive way?
  • How can the corporate compliance team inform immediately about a new sanitary procedure for example?
  • More generally, how can corporate news be easily communicated?
  • How can the corporate teams get immediate feedback about a new product from store employees through a quick poll?

Powell 365 for Retail accelerates the usage of your Office 365 investment while significantly reducing implementation time and costs of the Office 365 collaborative suite. This collaborative solution brings all the best Microsoft tools together in pre-defined dedicated spaces making daily operations easier for management and store branches. It is a new approach to communication for the entire market.

A digital workplace designed for the retail sector creates a more collaborative culture across a company. By placing all internal corporate communications in one place, Powell 365 keeps everyone in a company informed. It is the best way to spread company knowledge and maintain corporate coherence at both local and global levels. Thanks to Powell for Retail, store managers to head executives have access to all ongoing actions with the latest Microsoft Office communication tools. Company news is placed in the forefront. New employees are introduced and outstanding employees are easily identified. Take your retail operations to the next level with a Powell 365 digital workplace.


About Powell 365:

Powell 365 is a turnkey solution based on Office 365 and SharePoint with over 250,000 users! The innovative intranet portal has several different vertical environments dedicated to specific sectors (retail, corporate, public sector …) all created by our technical teams.  In as little as 2 to 4 weeks, customers can build a top-notch digital workplace, personalized to their business needs, that users will love to use!

If you would like more information about the Powell 365 collaborative platform, please do not hesitate to contact us.

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