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Improve Teamwork and Collaboration

Nurture healthy team dynamics to tackle unanticipated challenges and build a more resilient organization with teamwork. Favor collective intelligence, even for hybrid teams.

A Collaborative Workplace Culture

How can you establish a teamwork culture with strong collaboration? Provide users with both easy access to the platform they need along with information-sharing capabilities. Powell 365 provides at scale and simple collaboration processes with complete teamwork capabilities.

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Organizational communication is no longer just top-down, it’s also lateral between employees and among teams.

  • Employees can communicate and collaborate within their team
  • Information shared is organized and easily accessible
  • Conversations flow in easily searchable and dedicated Teams and channels
  • No more long-winded discussions across email and chat apps

Improve Employee Productivity

Multiple teams with no clear structure can leave end-users endlessly searching through messages and documents, hindering collaboration. Powell Teams solves this.

  • Accompany end-users through a guided team creation process
  • Benefit from automated and integrated best-practices
  • Avoid common issues faced when implementing Microsoft Teams
  • Make it easy for employees to navigate and find information
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Take Control with Governance

As with all Microsoft 365 services, Microsoft Teams requires IT professionals to implement administration best practices. IT needs governance and automation to bring structure to the following processes:

  • Guided team creation & approval
  • Teams sprawl control
  • Teams lifecycle management
  • Analytics & Reports on usage

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