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Powell Intranet is not just a platform; it’s a pathway to stronger connections within your organization, all seamlessly within the Microsoft 365 ecosystem. Our customizable intranet solution, built 100% on SharePoint, creates a unified digital workplace for a better employee experience.


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Your intranet, but better: Connect, Inform, Engage

Reimagine how your team connects with Powell Intranet, tailor-made for a dynamic and diverse workforce. Equip everyone with intuitive tools for easy information exchange and active engagement. Send out targeted news, grab attention with tailored notifications, and use engaging multimedia for meaningful updates. Spark conversations in forums and discussion boards, amplify each member’s voice with our employee advocacy module and promote brand champions.

Create a unified and inclusive work environment for your team, regardless of their location. Embrace the flexibility of digital solutions that connect employees in the office, in the field, or working remotely, fostering a sense of unity and collaboration. Personalized dashboards and innovative virtual collaboration spaces, accessible via mobile, ensure that every employee feels connected and valued, regardless of their location.

Discover the ease of navigating a workspace designed to streamline your operations while boosting your team’s efficiency and engagement through tailored Teams and SharePoint Online templates. Powell Intranet flawlessly adapts to your workflow, in seamless harmony with Microsoft 365 and Teams, setting Powell Software apart by blending IT governance and content management within your communication and collaboration spaces. This integration not only simplifies the user experience but also elevates it.

Future-proof your workplace with AI that enhances productivity and inspires innovation. Our intelligent tools refine your workflow, allowing for a personalized and efficient intranet experience. Find information swiftly, create content with ease, and propel your communications forward with AI.

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Simply put, we empower IT, Comms, and HR teams to excel. Leveraging SharePoint, our advanced intranet platform improves the way teams interact and manage workflows. It’s designed to let professionals in IT and communications concentrate on their core responsibilities, thereby cultivating a secure, highly productive connected workplace.


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It was a great opportunity to implement a digital workplace that is easily usable anywhere, anytime and that employees can really engage with as a single source of truth

Ainslie Page

Digital Marketing Manager

RSL LifeCare

Ainslie Page

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Irene Saunders

Connecting over 2 Million global users daily

Quest Diagnostics

CrossFirst Bank

Maximize your Microsoft 365 employee experience with Powell Software

Intranet for organizations operating on Microsoft 365

Unlock the full capabilities of Microsoft 365 with Powell Intranet, your gateway to an efficient and attractive digital workspace built 100% on SharePoint. Our platform is engineered to enhance collaboration, simplify governance, and fortify security, streamlining administrative workflows. It’s more than just a space for connecting teams; it’s an environment crafted to boost productivity and intelligent work practices, all tailored to meet the specific needs of your organization.

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Effortless setup, custom fit flexibility

Tailor your workspace to perfection with Powell Intranet, where flexibility meets functionality. Our platform is simple to use, fitting perfectly with your company’s distinct needs. It allows you to manage content with ease and dive into rich collaboration. The result? More time to focus on big-picture ideas and less on day-to-day tasks. With Powell Intranet, you’re equipped to build a workspace that’s not only efficient and natural but also grows right alongside your business.

AI enhanced digital workplace

Boost your team’s performance with our intelligent AI-enhanced workplace. Redefine the way your team handles knowledge and crafts content. With smart AI tools that organize information, Powell Intranet assists in producing relevant content quickly, streamlining decision-making processes Resulting in a well-informed, inventive team, skillful in steering through the ever-changing business terrain, powered by AI right at their fingertips.

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Ready to see it in action?

Watch our on-demand demo for a quick overview or contact us to schedule a personalized demonstration tailored to your organization’s needs. Experience how Powell Intranet can transform your workplace today!



Discover our customers Success Stories

Opaa! food Management success story

Enabling communication with Microsoft 365

When Opaa! realized their on-premises, email reliant workflows were not scaling with company growth they decided to leverage the power of Microsoft 365 cloud technologies.

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Powell Software Quest Diagnostics Case Study

Creating a centralized online space for 46,000 employees

When Quest Diagnostics decided to implement a digital workplace, they wanted a complete solution and a centralized space to connect their 46,000 employees. So Quest Diagnostics chose to implement Powell Intranet.

Read the success story →

Design & deliver an employee-centric intranet

Bass Coast, a municipality situated 130 kilometers southeast of Melbourne, came to Powell Software to build an easy to use & update intranet on SharePoint Online. They were ready to replace an obsolete on-premise intranet.

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You’ve got questions. We’ve got answers.

A digital workplace is an online platform that enables remote and distributed teams to collaborate, communicate, and work together more effectively. It provides employees with real-time access to information and tools, streamlines workflows, and increases productivity. (optional) Discover how our digital workplace platform can help your organization stay connected and work more efficiently.

A digital workplace platform offers many benefits, including increased employee engagement, improved collaboration, better communication, streamlined processes, and reduced costs. It also allows remote and distributed teams to work together seamlessly, leading to improved teamwork and better outcomes. (optional) Explore the benefits of our digital workplace platform and learn how it can transform your organization.

Microsoft solutions, including Teams, SharePoint, and Office 365, offer a secure, scalable foundation for a digital workplace, with features like real-time collaboration and document sharing. Powell Software fills gaps in Microsoft solutions by enhancing usability for contributors and business stakeholders, providing automation and management at scale for IT administrators, and offering more personalization and engagement for employees, creating a comprehensive and efficient digital workplace platform.

Powell Software’s solutions are specifically tailored to meet the diverse needs of HR, Comms, Employees, and IT within an organization. HR can streamline onboarding, employee engagement, and talent management with customizable digital workplace tools. Comms teams can efficiently manage internal communications while employees enjoy a personalized and engaging work environment. IT benefits from centralized management and automation capabilities, ensuring a secure, scalable, and seamless digital workplace experience for everyone.

Improve your employees experience with Powell Software’s digital workplace



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