Delta Private Jets

by Esther Daga

Delta Private Jets partners with Powell Software to transform their digital workplace and establish the “DPJNet”

Since its inception, Delta Private Jets has set industry standards for private jet charters by providing luxurious, safe, and convenient travel solutions for people across the globe. Through the years however and as the subsidiary continued to expand its business and grow its operations, their aging intranet tools became less and less effective. As a result, the decision was collectively made to update their digital workplace.

This is the story of how Delta Private Jets successfully realized its goal to transform their digital workplace and launch a new intranet.


  • Finding a solution that provided a user-friendly, centralized location to help employees facilitate and manage their strategic initiatives
  • Implementing a company intranet that is easy to govern for his IT team who would be managing it
  • Integrate a mobile intranet solution for field and remote workers to utilize alongside the traditional desktop experience
  • Improving employee experience with multi-way, peer-to-peer communication and a uniquely designed profile


  • Low code/no code intranet design and implementation plan
  • Aesthetic, branded digital workplace where employees would remain motivated and engaged
  • Site template updates managed through Powell Manager

Following a lengthy process of researching various intranet providers and after carefully reviewing the ClearBox Consulting intranet report, Delta Private Jets chose Powell 365 as their new intranet solution. The team at DPJ was drawn to the aesthetic, modern look and feel that Powell 365 offered and felt that employees would respond well to the interface. From a governance perspective, the convenience and simplicity of working with Powell Manager immediately stood out to the DPJ team. This level of flexibility and customization, in addition to the ability to quickly implement a mobile platform for their intranet, were major factors in the decision to move forward with Powell 365.

The employee reception towards DPJNet has been fantastic! Powell 365 is a powerful solution that enables us to easily enhance and upgrade our portal. With just a few clicks, we can easily update and redeploy a site or enhance existing capabilities with additional features to meet new needs.

-Zach Schaffner, Director of IT, Delta Private Jets

The Results

With 100% of DPJ employees now fully onboarded to DPJNet, the preparation and adoption strategies that Zach and his team employed clearly went a long way toward making their intranet project a success. Not only do employees now have a much easier to use portal to access documents, news and other work materials, but overall communication and collaboration within the company has improved greatly.

Now looking at ways in which the intranet can expanded upon, Zach believes there is a lot more that can be done to further improve their new tool. With DPJ also being acquired recently by ‘Wheels Up’, a charter-fleet membership program offering guaranteed access to the company’s owned aircraft at fixed hourly rates, there will be a lot of work that needs to be done in order to align the intranet with the new merger acquisition. For example, already being discussed is the addition of a Q&A section in the intranet for employees so that they have all relevant news and info relating to the merger acquisition.


Technology Behind the Solution

The Powell 365 digital workplace sits on top of SharePoint and integrates the Office 365 suite of solutions in an engaging way that results in an 80% increase in O365 usage for most companies. Powell 365 also includes over 70 customizable ready-to-use SharePoint templates that simplify the portal creation, offering a significantly lower-cost alternative to a custom build. As a flexible, full-cloud solution, Powell 365 resonated well with the Delta Private Jets objectives.

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