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Bring Your People Together

Together is a communications and collaboration solution for small and medium businesses directly accessible from Microsoft Teams. Think of it as your small business intranet in Teams.


A complete & interactive space for all employees’ needs


An intuitive experience allowing everyone to contribute


A social culture fosters engagement & facilitates hybrid work


A scalable enterprise space, quick to deploy and secure

TOGETHER For Employees

  • A Complete Portal: Post, share, find and exchange information in one space through connected communication and collaboration tools. Add simplicity, maximize adoption and connect employees.

  • The HR Corner: Gather collective knowledge, onboarding resources, career management info, and job postings.

  • Department Pages: Each department has an easily accessible space to share ideas, information, resources and work on projects.

  • Virtual Building: Recreate social moments like coffee breaks in the ‘Virtual Building’, promoting social ties and fostering employee engagement.

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Together for Employees Unified Communications and Collaboration
Together for IT in Microsoft Teams


  • Rapid Deployment: Your small business communication and collaboration space is ready to use. Deploy it in minutes for the entire organization.

  • Integrated with Teams: Accessible from your Microsoft Teams app, browser, or mobile, it’s easy to connect to and use. Avoid tedious change management.

  • Secure: Benefit from Microsoft’s security and keep your data in your Microsoft environment.

  • Scalable: Your hub is always up to date and can be upgraded to another version according to your needs.

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Connected Communication and Collaboration Space

Engage, inform and connect employees with Together the small business intranet in Teams

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5 Reasons to Choose Together


Bring communication & collaboration together in one accessible location


Encourage exchange & flexibility. Available on mobile, in Teams, or a browser


Establish an engaging, humane and open culture that fosters continuous exchange


Increase efficiency with smarter processes. Reduce emails & decision-making time


Enhance your digital space with fast implementation & collaborative business processes

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