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Recap: The Powell 365 Retail Intranet Webinar

Learn more about how a retail intranet can help your company!

The Powell 365 retail intranet increases communication and collaboration through a simple and easy-to-use intranet dashboard.  It features the best intranet tools for teams to improve the customer experience and stay competitive. With Powell 365, your employees will become more engaged, more motivated and stay informed on the latest campaigns, initatives, KPIs and more.

A store employee can quickly fix any issue he or she is facing thanks to a business intranet. This is because the retail intranet eases collaboration between the regional director and the store manager. Internal communication becomes direct and day-to-day operations are greatly improved.

In this 30 minute webinar video you will get a first hand look at the intranet solution.  Lionel Vincenti, a retail specialist, provides great insight into the retail intdustry by answering a few corporate questions. Antoine Faisandier, the Powell 365 US Operations Lead, gives a short demo of the Powell 365 intranet solutions. By the end you will fully understand the Powell 365 retail intranet and all it’s benefits. If you have any questions, don’t hesitate to contact us today!

Don’t worry! The Powell 365 team always keeps you in mind. You can watch and re-watch the webinar webcast video NOW!

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