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Quest Diagnostics teams with Powell Software to establish ‘ourQuest’

With multiple offices in the United States and many more located around the world, Quest Diagnostics recognized the need for a digital workplace that would allow its 46,000 employees to operate within a central location to search, share and discuss news and relevant content. Quest decided that the time had come to implement a new, comprehensive digital workplace to fit their needs.

This is the story of how Quest Diagnostics successfully realized their goal to transform their digital workplace and launch a new intranet called ourQuest.


  • Allowing teams to faster, more efficiently work and collaborate on documents
  • Enabling employees to find and work with subject matter experts and get answers to challenging questions
  • Improving employee experience with multi-way, peer-to-peer communication and a uniquely designed profile


  • Low code/no code intranet design and implementation plan
  • Aesthetic, branded digital workplace where employees would remain motivated and engaged
  • Site template updates managed through Powell Manager



Quest Diagnostics is not just changing their technology. The company is changing its culture and behaviors. The ourQuest team’s focus is on three pillars: Conversation, Collaboration and Information Management.


  • Multiway conversation: using the new features including comments, likes and shares: Employees aren’t just expected to consume information but also to participate
  • Transparency: Sharing, openness and access to management fosters employee engagement
  • Accountable: Employees have a voice, and are encouraged to contribute and ask questions


  • Innovating together, across functions and geographies
  • Efficient: Technologically adept and culturally collaborative – helping colleagues think differently about collaboration through training opportunities including a “Geek Bar”
  • Discovering opportunities: potential to partner and share best practices

Information management

  • Value of information: Information is a company asset, not just a byproduct of processes
  • One source of truth: a standard and formalized knowledge management strategy
  • Searching and finding: Uncovering and accessing information easily. Search capabilities continue to improve, and Quest will constantly evolve them using best practices including a taxonomy (to be launched in an upcoming phase)


Technology Behind the Solution

The Powell 365 digital workplace sits on top of SharePoint and integrates the Office 365 suite of solutions in an engaging way that results in an 80% increase in O365 usage for most companies. Powell 365 also includes over 70 customizable ready-to-use SharePoint templates that simplify the portal creation, offering a significantly lower cost alternative to a custom build. As a flexible, full-cloud solution, Powell 365 resonated well with the Quest Diagnostics objectives.


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