Powell Teams enhances the adoption and user-experience of Microsoft Teams

Powell Software is launching its new Microsoft Teams app that transforms Microsoft Teams usage through an enhanced user experience and comprehensive governance features.

Powell Teams was inspired by the needs of our users who manage an ever-increasing number of Microsoft Teams and want to organize and simplify its usage and governance.


Microsoft Teams, an essential tool

Collaborative work now represents the most important professional activity within an organization. According to Microsoft, time spent collaborating with others represents 80% of an employee’s working time. It is projected that 72% of employees will be working remotely by the end of 2020.

In order to meet the needs of this changing workplace, Microsoft Teams has become a flagship business tool of the year 2020. With over 500,000 companies using Microsoft Teams and more than 20 million active users every day, the tool now has the highest adoption rate of any Microsoft product – ever.

Users have adopted Microsoft Teams fast. Every day employees are creating more and more Teams until eventually it becomes challenging for any user to find the Teams and the information they are looking for.

How do I find the Teams that I was working on for that project last week? Where is this document stored? How can we control how Teams are created? These are some of the challenges that many users and organizations are currently trying to solve.


Powell Teams, the app that simplifies the user-experience and governance of Microsoft Teams!

As avid Microsoft Teams users ourselves, we designed this solution to help businesses take advantage of the full potential of the Office 365 app.

The app, currently available for manual deployment, will soon be available in the Microsoft Teams store.

powell teams : Microsoft Teams gourvernance et organisation


Powell Teams offers the following improvements:

1. An enriched, intuitive, organized user experience.

– All teams are easily accessible.

– Teams are organized by tags to facilitate the search for projects and information.

– Teams are structured using templates pre-defined by administrators.

– Existing Teams cannot be duplicated thanks to the Powell Teams AI engine.

– The recommendation of users for Teams based on employee expertise.


  1. A clear and comprehensive dashboard.

Users find all their Teams and activities in a configurable dashboard with:

– Users’ preferences for filters.

– Recent Teams.

– Favorite Teams.
– Creation forms to simplify and guide users in the creation of Teams.


  1. Improved governance.

Administrators gain control over the evolution and growth of Microsoft Teams.

Team management is improved through:

– Ready-to-use templates.

– Application of naming conventions.

– Approval workflows.

– Definition of best practices like minimum numbers of Teams owners, members, etc.

– An AI engine that avoids duplicate Teams while recommending relevant potential Teams members.

– A full administrator dashboard to create, approve, update, archive, analyze, etc.


Are you ready to try it for yourself?

Visit our website and reach out to us for more information on how you can get started!

Discover the Powell Teams revolution!

Illustration Powell Teams : Microsoft Teams gouvernance et Dashboard


Powell Software is an international software company that supports its customers in their digital transformation by offering a suite of customizable and scalable Digital Workplaces solutions. At the forefront of Office 365 and Microsoft Teams technologies, the Powell Suite offers solutions that revolutionize collaboration, communication and productivity in business. Powell Software puts the user experience at the center of its strategy and approach and supports its users in their day-to-day operations through the new generations of Digital Workplaces. With more than 1.5 million users, we are now present in Europe, North America, Asia, the Middle East, Africa and Australia to be as close as possible to our customers and partners.


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