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Powell Software named as a Microsoft SharePoint Home Sites Launch Partner at SPC 2019

What is a SharePoint Home Site?

According to Microsoft, SharePoint Home Sites are the ‘landing pages’ for your organization that:

  • Connects the workplace with Microsoft Search and mega menu navigation.
  • Shares relevant news and content to each user based on their role and place in the organization.
  • Engages employees with conversation and compelling video powered by Yammer and Microsoft Stream.
  • Powers individual productivity with personalized content, information, and navigation.

In other words, Home Sites provide a centralized access point for an organizations employees to collaborate and communicate efficiently. These home sites are the latest innovation in Microsoft’s unwavering commitment to improve upon and redefine the employee experience; which falls directly in line with the plans and road map that Powell Software has laid out moving forward. In the meantime, Powell Software has worked alongside Microsoft in order to extend the SharePoint home site experience to create the Powell 365 intranet solution.

Powell 365 is our powerful intranet solution for simplified communication and engaging collaboration that seamlessly integrates with all Office 365 features. It allows employees to manage their digital day-to-day operations from one single place to drive company wide productivity to new heights. These personalized portal pages push Office 365 tools in a more user-friendly way to help employees get their jobs done from anywhere, at any time, on any device and in any language.



“We are proud to be aligned with Microsoft as we continue to work together to refine and improve the digital workplace experience for organizations around the world. As a launch partner for SharePoint home sites, Powell Software will remain committed to delivering unique workplace solutions that build on SharePoint innovations like home sites.”

-Antoine Faisandier, Co-Founder & CEO, Powell Software North America


What is a Microsoft SharePoint Home Site Launch Partner?

As one of fifteen international Microsoft SharePoint home site launch partners, Powell Software will continue to work with Microsoft to push the boundaries and capabilities of SharePoint home sites in order to create stunning, powerful digital workplaces for our partners and customers around the world. Using our SharePoint designer and governance tool, we empower companies to create comprehensive, unique intranets while greatly simplifying the time and effort required to build, deploy, and manage these sites – all without needing extensive SharePoint knowledge.

Powell Manager is an innovative design and governance tool for SharePoint and Office 365 that configures compelling digital workplaces without any coding, in record time.​ Benefit from ready to use templates, design all aspects of your portal structure, integrate your potential custom development and even define your mobile app – all from one fully secured place. Automate and industrialize site deployments, updates and governance to always have a digital workplace with the latest technology and offer the best experience to employees.

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For more information on the Powell 365 intranet or Powell Manager, don’t hesitate to contact us today!

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