Powell 365 Updates for Microsoft Teams

Transform your Microsoft Teams Experience

Powell Software released a feature that transforms the use of the Microsoft Teams collaboration platform. This webinar is dedicated to an exclusive presentation of our Teams update for Powell 365. If you missed the webinar and are interested in learning more, we invite you to re-watch the webinar recording here. 

This release gives Powell 365 customers more control over the deployment of Microsoft Teams for their employees. During this webinar, we address how Powell 365 has evolved to improve the fluidity of the Microsoft Teams user experience.

This 45-minute session focuses on two main points:

  • How to support users in the as they adopt the latest Microsoft Office 365 feature and construct their Teams
  • How to define a clear governance to manage Microsoft Teams company wide.

The video will walk you through how Powell 365 now to stimulates Microsoft Teams adoption and equips the right features to industrialize all the Teams within your company.


US Recording: Watch Now!

EU Recording: Watch Now!



Teams Powell 365 updates

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