Meet Kayla, Senior Digital Marketing Manager Powell Software

Kayla Myrhow joins Powell Software in North America as our Senior Digital Marketing Manager. Based in Seattle, Washington, Kayla comes onboard eager to inject her curiosity and passion into the Powell Software team. Discover what attracted Kayla to become a Powell Player and what it’s really like to join a new company remotely.

Interview with Kayla Myrhow

Kayla Myrhow Powell Software

Senior Digital Marketing Manager 

1. What enticed you to join the Powell Software team?

The product and cultural values of Powell Software ignited a wild sense of curiosity for me. Transparent communication and active collaboration have always been a part of my professional ethos. In 2020, the world experienced a massive transformation towards a digital workforce. I firmly believe we have only seen the very beginning of this global shift with the rise of the remote worker. Powell Software’s product catalog and values explicitly support a comprehensive yet easy-to-use collaborative digital workplace to transparently connect employees. In my opinion, Powell Software has never been more relevant when looking at the current needs of the digital workplace or remote workers. It felt imperative to join the Powell Software team to help shape the future of our digital workforce with an ethos of collaboration and communication in mind.

2. What’s it like to join a new company remotely?

Absolutely wonderful. It is scary to start with a new company in a remote environment. However, creating connections with co-workers, even from afar, has been very easy with the help of Powell Teams and Powell Intranet. Additionally, I never had to guess where any departmental information lives within my work environment. It is so easy to self-serve and start being productive from day one.

3. Tell us about your role

As the Senior Digital Marketing Manager for North America at Powell Software, my primary focus will be on new user acquisition and lead generation programs. Secondly, instating a solid foundation of marketing reporting to ensure our team can make quick, data-driven decisions as Powell Software continues to grow. And finally, refining Powell Software’s product marketing positioning for the North American market. Additionally, I am very excited to work alongside our incredible network of partners to help support the millions of daily active users on Microsoft Teams and associated infrastructures to ensure companies are making the most out of their investment with Microsoft.

4. What has surprised you most since starting?

During my interview process, I was very impressed with the team initially but joining a team is always a gamble when entering any new job. At Powell Software, across all departments, it has become very quickly evident that this team is filled with industry experts who are user-obsessed and love to roll up their sleeves to get work done. Seeing real-time collaboration, effective communication, and honest transparency has been such a breath of fresh air, especially in the tech industry.

5. In-office, remote or hybrid? Which workplace model do you prefer?

Hybrid. Everyone has everchanging needs in life and a hybrid workplace model allows the flexibility that a modern digital workforce has come to expect from their employers.

6. How would you describe the culture at Powell Software in only three words?

Collaborative, innovative, and transparent.

7. What is your secret talent?

I recently mastered how to hula hoop while roller skating! My next goal is to learn how to do it backwards…

8. If you could have any superpower what would it be?


9. What gets you out of bed in the morning?

Gratitude and my passion to understand the evolving relationship between humans and technology. I find myself constantly consuming news regarding the latest innovations or behavioral studies surrounding this topic and daydreaming about what our future will look like across all sectors of life.

10. Where can our community connect with you on social media?

Feel free to connect to me on LinkedIn if you are interested in discussing user experience optimization, SEO, or digital marketing best practices. I would also be happy to chat with anyone regarding how to best support the evolving digital workforce with Powell Teams or Powell Intranet by emailing me directly at

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