ClearBox rewards Powell 365 with Intranet Choice 2020

ClearBox Consulting highlights Powell 365 in the

‘2020 SharePoint Intranet Solutions’ report


We at ClearBox Consulting Ltd are delighted to highlight those products that stood out from the 50+ that we included in our 600 page report. Based on our scenario scores, pricing, vendor track record and customer feedback, some products stand out in our opinion, and deserve recognition for it. Here we present ones that we expect will often be on people’s shortlists.”

 – Suzie Robinson, Reports Consultant at ClearBox Consulting Ltd. 


It’s official, ClearBox Consulting Ltd chose Powell 365 as best SharePoint Intranet Solution Choice in Europe and in North America for the next year!  

Powell 365 was named ‘2020 Intranet Choice of the Year’ in both Europe and North America in the annual ClearBox Consulting SharePoint Intranet Solution report for the third year in a rowThose results encourage us to pursue our expansion and our effort. It is a great honor to have this recognition as a stand out solution, we are delighted to provide an Intranet that can support any kind of business, and more recentlyanywhere in the world.  


Intranet Choice – North America and Europe 

As ClearBox consultants underlinedPowell 365will tackle complex communication and collaboration needs in medium to large businesses with ease. Powell Manager continues to be one of the best examples of an intranet management and governance toolwith powerful design and deployment capabilities. 

We are very proud to be named the ‘Intranet Choice’ for Europe and North America in the 2020 ClearBox report for the third time in a row. This report is a huge reference in the industry and brings value upon its choices. It is the most detailed study in the industry that acknowledges SharePoint Intranet Technologies. Our selection enhances the motivation of our teams. It confirms the success on both markets and supports our international expansion strategy.

– Jean-Pierre Vimard, CEO & Chairman at Powell Software  

SharePoint Intranet in-a-box in 2020 

This is the 5th edition of the annual SharePoint Intranet in-a-box report released by ClearBox Consulting. The report is 600 pages long and acts as a complete guide to SharePoint solutions. It includes an in-depth analysis of the best intranet solutions and contextual evolutions as well as critical evaluations and customer feedback. ClearBox is definitely working for the customerbringing their expertise and the add-value of each solution. The report compared over 50 SharePoint Intranet Solutions to find the most suitable solutions for customer needsWe are very excited about the value brought on our solution by ClearBox over the years reaffirming our user experience strategy. 


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 “Powell 365 also has a solid presence in North America, both directly and through their partner network. Their rich feature sets will meet company needs admirably.

-ClearBox Consulting


In the report, Powell 365 is recognized as a leading solution in the international market.  We work hard to develop the best user experience for our clients and provide innovative ways to implement Microsoft SharePoint. This year the report puts a spot light on exceptional Powell 365 features such as flexible menu management for navigation, in-depth multi-language support and Powell Manager, a powerful design and deployment tool. 

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