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Knowledge Center
Personal Board
Employee Directory
Analytics Dashboard
Employee Services

Effortless file sharing

Offer a one-stop shop to all your knowledge requirements. Equip employees with easy access to all important documents such as FAQ pages, glossary, company policy, reference documents and more. Organize frequently-used files, guide employee onboarding and make collaboration efficient. Keep track of and store all important information for every single employee in one knowledge center. 

Knowledge Center

Streamline Management

Personalize Preferences

Support Employees

Fast deployement

Improve efficiency and save valuable time looking for the right information. Get fast results that make sense. 

Tag frequently-used documents as “Favorites”, and make day-to-day operations more efficient with preferences.

Help trainees and employees solve problems by sharing ideas, files, data and processes in a self-serve library. 

Powell 365

Powell Software provides more than technology. Remove all the hassles of building an intranet from scratch with our Powell 365 out-of-the-box intranet. Pick and choose your intranet features and integrate them into our pre-made page templates. Turn on your ready-made intranet packed with rich features and focus on driving communication, collaboration and productivity.

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