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Locate expertise & connect colleagues 

Finding the right people has never been so simple! Save time and find the experts via a quick search. Browse profile cards to get to know your coworkers whether they are based in different projects, departments or regions.  In depth profile cards are customizable and include photos, skillsets, contact information, organizational data, employee contributions and more. Speed up collaboration and reinforce company culture.

Connect Coworkers


Skills Database


Accelerate Productivity


Put a face to the name and reinforce company culture and community with in depth profile cards. 

Perouse employee profiles for contact information, organization info and latest documents.

Quickly find documents with refined filter options. Search by expertise, department, job title, document type and more!

Powell 365

Powell Software provides more than technology. Remove all the hassles of building an intranet from scratch with our Powell 365 out-of-the-box intranet. Pick and choose your intranet features and integrate them into our pre-made page templates. Turn on your ready-made intranet packed with rich features and focus on driving communication, collaboration and productivity.

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