Customer Success Management Program

At Powell Software, your experience is our primary concern. Our new team of Customer Success Managers is dedicated to ensuring all of your project-needs are met and to furthering and building upon the partnerships that we have developed.

We remain committed to finding ways to improve our products and services which is what led to the creation of our dedicated CSM program.

Each client joining our community is automatically integrated into the Client Powell Software program. Our Customer Success Managers support you as points of contact to improve your experience, develop your projects, as well as measure and optimize your returns on investments.

By joining the Customer Program you benefit from many advantages:


Access to the Powell Success Kit including:

  • Our Powell Software ‘Learning Center’ portal containing our documentation, product presentations, training guides and videos, etc.
  • Our customer testimonials that you will find during our workshops, Master Classes, case studies and our videos
  • The Powell Analytics Kit with Google Analytics BI models
  • Best Practices training and instruction provided by our Customer Success Managers
  • The Yammer community to exchange ideas, stay informed and ask your questions

Visibility on the roadmap, product developments and Powell Software news through our client webinars and newsletters


The opportunity to make your voice heard! Our team is at your service. Share your feedback with our Customer Success Managers for maximum impact and better follow-up


Direct contact to discuss and be supported on your project themes


Please do not hesitate to reach out to us for more information or if you have any questions!


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