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Gather everything sales teams need to respond to RFPs, win business, and build the best customer relationships

The digital workplace offers a centralized platform, with access to information and the tools sales teams use daily. Powell 365, combines communication and collaboration tools, as well as integrations to third-party apps, making it a complete virtual workspace for a streamlined sales process.

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Sales Intranet Page

Centralized source of information to empower & align sales

A sales intranet site gathers all the information sales teams need in one easily accessible location. Store documents centrally so everyone has access, even on the go. Integrate a news feed to stay on top of competitors. Benefit from full visibility with an at-a-glance overview of the market and revenue by region.

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Templates to simplify RFPs & maximize win rates

Empower sales teams to respond to RFPs efficiently and with ease. Powell 365 RFP templates create instant collaboration spaces in Microsoft Teams, pre-loaded with channels, tabs, and integrations. Automatic triggers allow sales to get straight to work when a request comes in. Streamlined sales processes all in the digital workplace.

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Powell Teams Sales RFP template features

  • Easy access to information

    Connect to the sales intranet from within the RFP Team for easy access to information.

  • Storing of customer documentation

    Understand specific customer requirements with a channel dedicated to storing technical and functional requirements. Information is stored securely in Microsoft 365, and an additional layer of security can be added with Azure Conditional Access.

  • Task & project management

    Manage the RFP process from A to Z with Microsoft Planner integrated as standard. Plan and assign tasks, define roles, monitor deadlines, and evaluate progress.

  • Commercial discussion

    Oversee the RFP project without leaving Teams, with Dynamics 365. Visualize open opportunities and monitor the pipeline.

  • Competitor discussion

    Share insights with colleagues, and discuss competitors to gain better respond to customer requirements.

  • Collaboration for a better RFP response

    Proper RFP management relies on constant communication and effective collaboration. Powell Teams not only offers RFP templates for instant collaboration but also better governance and search for an organized Teams environment where everything is accessible.

SALES RFP Templates
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Flex desk for hot desking

One platform, two pillars to boost productivity & achieve sales success

Ensure high productivity wherever your sales team works from. With Powell 365, your company intranet and collaboration tools, like Microsoft Teams, are connected. Access Teams from the intranet and vice-versa, so sales waste no time getting the information they need.

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Third-Party integrations streamline the sales process

Streamline sales processes by integrating the tools sales use daily into the digital workplace. Powell 365 allows integrations with third-party applications like PowerBI, Dynamics 365, SalesForce, and more.

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Third party integrations
Crisis management in the intranet

Hybrid work ready for instant access to information

On the field, in the office, or at home, sales teams need quick access to information wherever they work from. With the Powell Software mobile app, sales teams have everything they need in their pocket to win sales.

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Simplified sharing to nurture more qualified leads

By sharing informative content with their network sales reach more leads, position themselves as thought leaders and start conversations with customers. With Powell Software advocacy tool, marketing provides curated content to share in a few clicks. Employees are rewarded with points, badges, and a place on the leader board.

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Streamline the sales process, boost growth and empower teams with the digital workplace

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“We are delighted with how empowered our employees now feel; they can quickly and easily add content to the new site and share news and knowledge. Everyone now feels more connected… This is especially true of our remote workers who now have access to the same information as those who are based in the office”

Silva Homes

“An important cornerstone of our strategy is to connect TEAM ZEISS and activate colleagues worldwide… Through this project, we’ve removed redundant tools, enforced and adjusted a global company perspective, and quickly implemented more modern, more digital, and truly global tools for communicating and sharing information.”


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