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Improve the employee experience with the Powell Software digital workplace

Write your own ‘future of work’ by leveraging the talent of your workforce

Office 365 intranet


Ready-made and customizable company intranet built on Microsoft 365

Powell Intranet provides employees with a more inclusive and engaging Digital Workplace experience for hybrid work.

  • Corporate communication
  • Employee engagement and inclusivity
  • Information management
  • Microsoft Teams integration
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The Microsoft Teams App for enhanced experience & governance

Powell Teams enhances end-user experience with an easy-to-use dashboard, catalog of templates, and allows IT professionals to secure governance.

  • Simple dashboard for navigation and visualization
  • User-friendly controls for a simplified search experience
  • A catalog of pre-made team templates for instant collaboration
  • Integrated governance and automation
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Our mission is to help companies meet the challenges of the hybrid workplace with a digital workplace built for everyone and accessible to everyone.

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Award-winning Digital Workplace solution

Award-winning Digital Workpalce solution
Discover why Info-Tech awarded Powell Software a Gold Medal

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